travel to France this summer in full immersion for highscool age students
direct exchange program oui connect go abroad and host a french exchange student
direct exchange program
The American student & family
will host a French high school student
for 2-3 weeks.

The French teenager will be matched according to age, gender, and interests. He or she will experience a real "American Immersion" by living in the daily life of the American participant’s family,
The American student will then go 
to France with the French student & live with their family for 2-3 weeks.  

It will be their turn to experience
full "French Immersion," learning about French culture and improving their French.
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Host and be Hosted! This is a new type of exchange program that is perfect for building a strong friendship with a student of the same age, all while learning a language. Back to the basics!
Highlights of the Stay
host a French exchange student in Orange County
The reciprocal exchange helps with facing the challenges of this adventure as participants go through the same cultural exchange & language barriers.

Both participants create a special bond in the process as they relate to one another's experience. The friendships formed are strong and durable, which is key in learning a new language.

There is also a significant financial advantage because of the reciprocity of the exchange.
I am a highschool student and I want to go to France for the summer in full immersion
Age of the Participants
French and American exchange students are between 15 to 17 years old.

Program Length
Two  2-3-week sessions.

First session: The American family hosts the French student for 2-3 weeks.
Second session: The American student goes to France for his/her 3 week immersion into the French family. ( Participants can decide to fly back to France on the same flight).

The French exchange student will be living with a family in  California.
The American exchange student will be placed where the french student's home is in France. 

Application Deadline
Applications must be received by April 30, 2018 for the summer 2018 Direct Exchange Program.

high school student travel to europe in the summer with oui-connect direct exchange
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Phone:       ​ 949-338-9388


Hosting Phase:
2-3 weeks
Immersion Phase:
2-3 weeks

Dates 2019
 Flexible from June 15-July 20

​   Price

Both hosting families will provide the same conditions for

their exchange student.

Both exchange students/families agree to the following:

While in full immersion, the exchange student will be provided room & board & will be considered a full member

of the family. 

- The participants agree to full immersion & actively participate in the life of their host family (i.e. help with small tasks & chores, be curious & talkative, etc.).

The exchange students fully accept the authority of their host parents & agree to respect the house rules of the host family.

Host Families and exchange students all agree to speak only English while in the USA & only French while in France.

Our direct exchange program guarantees that both

exchange students will be the same age or within one
year of age.

The participants are matched according to age, gender, and interests. The application form includes a letter from the participant, a detailed profile with pictures, and a recommendation letter (from a school or someone outside the family such as a teacher, a coach etc...). 
All these elements help achieve a good match!

- Full room & board during the immersion.
- Selection & preparation of the participating host family &                        student.
- Matching the American participant with a French
- Assistance to and from departure/arrival airport.
- A bi-lingual local coordinator that is available at all times in the USA and in France.
- 24 hour emergency contact.
- Travel insurance offered by Oui-Connect.
- Administrative expenses.


- Roundtrip airfare
- Personal expenses (pocket money, recreation, unanticipated events)
- We recommend about $200 a week of pocket money.
- Cancellation insurance.

Contact us for details.

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IMPORTANT: Oui-Connect cannot guarantee finding a Match because it is contingent on our Foreign French partner. Participants are not subject to any fees until the match has been confirmed. If there are any cancellations on behalf of the French partner, a full refund will be provided.