July 17th to August 7th 3 weeks.

I am very cheerful and I always try to enjoy the opportunities to the maximum. I also love to keep many memories, that’s why I always take photos, and even if my phone doesn’t have the best quality, I’m happy to photograph moments to always remember them later. I really like italian food like pizza or pasta, also hamburgers and chicken and i love sweets, pop corns. As for my hobbies, one of my favorite activities is spending time with my group of friends, we usually watch films or we meet at a café or or we walk around the area while we eat sweets; in summer we usually spend the day at the beach or go camping together. Also, I really like go shopping. I love listening to music. Something that I really enjoy is cook, specially bake, I normally do brownies or cupcakes because they are my favourites.

Introductory Letter