International Partners


Oui-Connect is always looking for the opportunity to work with new countries & international partners. If you are interested in sending students to the USA, please fill out the form below. Our programs are designed to meet your needs. Keep in mind that Oui-Connect is specialized in finding volunteer host families & the key to our programs is cultural exchange and genuine human interaction.  

Selection Of Students

Our international students are between the ages of 13 and 17 years old. They are carefully screened and selected based on their motivation, maturity, apparent adaptability, and their desire to come to California and learn about the American culture. They are fully insured and have their own pocket money. They all write. a letter of motivation that you can read here.

Enriching Experience

Hosting is a cultural and human-enriching experience, that is open to all enthusiastic families who have the desire to share their lifestyle for a short time with an international student. Hosting brings diversity to the household, and lifelong friendships are often the result of a hosting experience. 

The Direct Contact

OUI-CONNECT masters the technical aspects of linguistic and full immersion stays in the United States and more specifically in California: administration, travel, authorization, insurance, and volunteer host families. Due to its small size and onsite location, OUI-CONNECT is able to ensure personal contact with the host families. Our Coordinators are here to assist through the stay.

OUI-CONNECT always guarantees close communication with the participant and the host family. If any problem arises, we can work things out or move the exchange student to another family. We always want the host families to have a positive experience. Please contact us if you have any concerns or issues. We want to be able to address it.

3 Excursions and Farewell Party

During the last week of their 3-week stay, the exchange students will go on 3 Excursions organized by Oui-Connect. To allow all participants some “tourism”, visit some popular places in SO-Cal. This also gives the host families a break. If the host families have kids that want to join on these fun excursions, they are definitely welcomed!

The “Farewell Part” concludes the 3-week stay. Host Families and participants of all nationalities meet at the beach or at a park for a BBQ. The Farewell Party is a great time to have the students and host families reflect on the journey traveled together as well as witness the progress made in the English language and nurturing new friendships.