As empty nesters, you may miss having kids in your home and the nurturing and care that comes with it. Hosting an exchange student can bring back the richness, energy, and interest to your family life. It also provides an opportunity to learn about and experience other cultures, gain a broader perspective of the world and life, and teach about your own culture and country. Moreover, it is a way to show love and care to someone in need of a place to live, which aligns with important values like hospitality and kindness. make a positive impact on someone’s life!

Empty nesters have the time to focus on their exchange students, they make sure the exchange student have everything they need. Empty nester are glad they can take care of someone again and will try their best to make you feel comfortable, preparing amazing meals or watching movies that you like with you. Most of them have the experience of raising kids they always had things to say, advice to give, they know how to interact with teenagers in a calm and lovely way.

Living with an empty nester host family is a wonderful way to experience a new culture, make connections while studying abroad, and practice language learning.