High School Teachers


If you are a World Language Teacher in Southern California, you could be the perfect fit for our team. You are in a primary position to find students interested in going abroad and local host families while promoting the love of different languages and international education.


Compensation/Stipends are available. 

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Bring a Oui-Connect Cultural Presentation to your school:

Our team members would love the opportunity to speak to your French or Spanish classes about international education.
Every year, we sponsor speakers to inspire students in Southern California with fun, engaging stories of life abroad. Our speaker will come to your classroom and give a presentation discussing the differences between the US high school education system and the European high school education system using personal experiences.

At the conclusion of the presentation, our coordinator will go over the benefits of our international exchange program and the importance of cultural education. They are excited to share their stories and insights with your students!

School Visitor Program

Invite a few teens from France, Spain, Italy, or Thailand to join your school community for 3 weeks in February or April.
​Oui-Connect finds and screens the host families and works with your school’s administration to approve the visit.


What We Do Best

Host A Student

Experience what it’s like to host a foreign exchange student.

Go Abroad

Immerse yourself in another culture. Learn and grow in a new place.

Direct Exchange

A reciprocal exchange: Host & be hosted in another country.