Last summer, my family had the privilege of hosting Eneko, an exchange student from the Basque Country of Spain. In the three weeks we spent with Eneko, my family introduced him to the everyday routines and traditions of our family, city, and country. 

While Eneko was visiting, my family spent a day in both Los Angeles and San Diego. Eneko enjoyed the opportunity to experience two of California’s finest cities, visit famous tourist sites, and try traditional American food. We even spent a weekend camping in San Diego, which was a fun change of pace for both Eneko and my family. 

Having an exchange student in town for the 4th of July is a very fun experience. As one of America’s biggest holidays, we spent the day cooking burgers, roasting s’mores, and watching a firework show. As many exchange students say, it felt just like the movies. However, my favorite memories with Eneko took place in my hometown of Tustin. It was incredibly special to introduce Eneko to my high school friends, show him my favorite local stores, and introduce him to our local hangout spots. 

A few weeks after Eneko left California, my family visited his hometown of Bera, Navarre in the Basque Country. We happened to visit during Bera’s yearly festival, which honors their saint. The streets were flooded with festivities, from live music to games and dancing. We ate traditional Spanish food, met a few of his friends, and It was incredibly special to see Eneko’s hometown after he had the chance to see ours. 

We are very grateful to Oui Connect for facilitating such a wonderful experience for both of our families. We’ve stayed in contact over this past year and hope to do so for many years to come!

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