Felix was our first German student to complete the Summer in Cali Program and had a wonderful experience!

“I can’t thank you enough. You did a great job and I thought it was really good that I always had you as my contact person and that we were able to establish a good and trustworthy relationship. You really deserved the rating individually and as a team 100%. I am super happy that everything went so well and the trip really went better than expected. It really was the journey of my life and I am super grateful to have been able to experience it. I was able to make good friends and still keep in touch with many. It was the dream summer of my life. I can’t thank you enough for your work and the offer. I had a lot of fun and have to process everything first. Thank you very much for everything. I never expected it to work so well and easily. I’m actually a very thoughtful and skeptical person, but you really gave me great security, took away any fear and you helped me to experience such a great time. Many Thanks. I am very happy to send you pictures. Many Thanks”.