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Oui-Connect strives to build international connections full of love, fun, language, and culture. Families and students around the world are connected with an unforgettable experience through our short-term homestay programs.



The Oui-Connect Experience

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Host A Student For 3-4 Weeks

A host family offers the comfort and care to an International Student as a member of their family.​​​​​
International students will learn English through everyday interactions with their host families.​​​ This is a full immersion program and teenagers do not attend classes.
Thanks to host families, the young participants are fully integrated into the American culture. The teenager becomes a full member of your family.
Host Families come from ALL walks of life: With kids or empty nesters, different social backgrounds,  different homes,  being open-minded is the essence of our program.

Go Abroad!

Experience The World In A Whole New Way

Oui-Connect offers American teenagers short-term immersion homestays in Spain, Italy, or France. Anytime from June to August.

The homestay program has different options and ranges from 2 to 4 weeks. Participants (13 to 17) live and share the daily life of a volunteer host family. They improve their language skills while living a unique cultural and educational experience through 100% immersion.

Oui-Connect covers administration fees, travel authorization, travel insurance, and volunteer host family placement. We ensure personal contact for the participant and their family, from the registration phase to the end of the homestay.

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What We Can Do For You

Oui-Connect strives to make these experiences smooth and memorable. We have the privilege of working with great people and companies that are passionate about international cultural growth. 

Host A Student

Experience what it’s like to host a foreign exchange student.

Go Abroad

Immerse yourself in another culture. Learn and grow in a new place.

Reciprocal Exchange

A reciprocal exchange: Host & be hosted in another country.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

Thank you for visiting our site to gather more information about either hosting a foreign exchange student or sending your child abroad to immerse in another culture. I am very excited and honored that you would consider us with this fun decision. There is a lot we can learn from other cultures and we can show what the American culture is like to the students that we partner with. 

Hosting Exchange students from Thailand (Reflecting)

Hosting Exchange students from Thailand (Reflecting)

In a world that is becoming more interconnected, it is important to embrace diversity and expand our horizons. Thai culture, with its values of humility, respect, and helpfulness, offers a unique perspective that can enrich our lives. While it may be unfamiliar and...

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